Terms and Conditions

  • Your pet can only be accepted for boarding if it is in good health and you are able to produce an up to date certificate confirming your pets inoculations. No dog can be accepted for boarding unless it has been inoculated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo virus and kennel cough (must be administered at least 14 days prior to boarding)
  • Whilst every possible attention is given to each pet boarded with us, it is done so entirely at the owners risk, as are pets sharing accommodation. Should we feel the need to separate them in the interest of the animals own safety, a relevant charge for extra accommodation will be levied Any current or ongoing problem with a pets health or temperament must be notified with us at the time of booking. We reserve the right to refuse any pet that we consider to be of an unreliable temperament, or sick agt the time of boarding
  • Although we make every effort to ensure your dogs care and safety we can not be held liable for loss, injury or death
  • Should it be necessary, at our discretion for a vet to be called for any existing health condition prior to boarding, all fees incurred are the responsibility of the owner. All pets should have been wormed recently. Should any pet on arrival require treatment for internal or external parasites (fleas/worms etc) then a charge will be levied for this.
  • Fees are charged at a daily rate, inclusive of arrival and departure day. Should an animal be collected before the booked departure date, the reserved occupancy fee will be charged. Payment is required in full upon collection. Cash, cheque or bank transfer. (We do not have facility on site for card payments) Cheques made payable to Linnbank Kennels
  • Please note all pets boarded are insured whilst in our care, excluding fees in connection with any condition that existed prior to boarding, or in the event of a death, cost of cremation
  • Preferences/ instructions in respect of older pets should they pass away in our care
  • We reserve the right to remove from the premises animals not collected within 14 days of the stated departure date if no communication from the owners or guardian is received and efforts to contact the owner fail